Hire Certified Mechanics for Your Elevator Work February 17, 2017

Elevator companies can help you improve accessibility in your home, office or place of business. Most are able to provide free estimates, as well as quick turnaround on installations and repairs.

elevator design

Since your safety is at stake, only hire an elevator company that uses CEI certified mechanics to carry out all installations, services and repairs. This is the best way to make sure you are dealing with experienced installers, rather than sales people.

Moreover, according to Florida law, all elevator workers and companies are required to register with the Division of Hotels and Restaurants, which is part of the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

Alternatively, workers and companies can also obtain a license from the Division before they can perform any commercial or residential elevator service.

Certified Elevator Inspector

CEI stands for Certified Elevator Inspector, and is a license that certifies the holder has been properly trained in the construction, installation, inspection, maintenance or repair of elevators and escalators in Florida.

The license is issued by the Bureau of Elevator Safety within the Division.

Aside from the proper credentials required by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, an Elevator Inspector must also complete the CEI Registration form, and produce proof of general liability insurance amounting to a minimum of $100,000 per person or $300,000 per occurrence.

While both elevator inspectors and elevator companies are required to have insurance, they do not have to pay any fee for this application.

Other than a CEI license, a qualified elevator mechanic may also pursue a Florida Certificate of Competency, allowing the holder to perform work as a Certified Elevator Technician.

These certificates are subjected to annual renewal since they automatically expire on December 31 each year. Renewing them requires the completion of eight hours of continuing education for each holder of a Certificate of Competency and Certified Elevator Inspector license.

Airport Transfers Are Now Made Easy With The Help Of Taxi Services February 11, 2017

Travelling in flights may seem to be a luxury and convenient option to you but it is the traveller who realizes the stress of travelling in flights. It is the most tiring experience to move from one location to another by sitting at the same place, especially when you have to travel to the far off places. After arriving at the airport, you will just want to reach to your destination as soon as possible so that you can have some rest after long hours of sitting. But, it is not always possible that you have your own car or driver to take you to your destination or you immediately find a local taxi/public vehicle to reach your destination, hence, it is better to access the services of the taxi companies that provide airport transfer services.  In Luton, plenty of such companies offer deluxe airport transfer services to make your journey more comfortable till the end.

Comfortable and private travelling in taxis

If you have already booked the services of Luton airport taxis before reaching to this place, then you will not have to wait for the taxi any more.  Your taxi will be available before your arrival at the airport so that as soon as you arrive at the airport, you can get the taxi to reach your destination. You can tell the your driver where you want to reach so that your driver drops you at the desired destination via the shortest possible route by ensuring that you reach there at the earliest, smoothly and without facing the traffic.

Companies offering Airport Taxis in Luton provide their services around the clock so that the flight travellers can get the taxi even if their flight lands during the late night or early morning. Private airport taxi services enable you to enjoy the full privacy as you do not have to share your taxi with anyone.

Book the taxi of your choice

Taxis from the reliable companies are well maintained and quite luxurious to give you a luxury travelling experience. Taxis from such companies are neat and clean and have the attractive interiors just like a luxury car. Some of the taxi companies provide top cars as the taxis for the airport transfers. Generally, this type of services is accessed by the individuals or corporations when they have to receive important guests or executives. Hence, this type of taxi hire service is expensive than the normal taxi hire services. Thus, you have the option to choose the best type of taxi services for airport transfers according to your budget.

Online booking of the taxis

These days, most of the airport taxi service providers offer online booking facility to the passengers. It provides them ease of finding the reliable and cheap taxi company. You can get the taxi fare compared online so that you can pick the right taxi company and ensure that you do not get cheated by the taxi companies.  Online taxi service providers enable you to pay the taxi fare online so that you do not have to worry about the cash payment to the taxi driver. Look for the taxi company which does not have any kind of hidden charges.