How To Apply Asphalt Sealing So That It Lasts Long? May 9, 2017

Asphalt is one of the most used and preferred material that is often used in pavement. But when you make use of asphalt it also becomes essential for you to maintain the proper condition of asphalt. If asphalt is maintained properly then it can last long for at least 30 years before replacement.

In order to maintain the condition of an asphalt paving you don’t need to do much. All you need to do is to apply seal coating over your asphalt. By this way, asphalt doesn’t fade or don’t obtain any kind of stain, potholes, cracks etc.

How to apply a seal coat?

In order to provide a perfect seal coat you need Asphalt seal coat equipment such as:

  • Seal coat
  • Scrub brush
  • Gas blower
  • Degreaser cleaner
  • Hose and water

If you want a perfect seal coating then at first you have to clean the surface gently and properly. Cleaning is important because in clean surface only coating gets stuck easily and properly.  To clean the surface you can make use of gas blower that removes all kinds of dirt, debris as well as sand. If you have any kind of parking lines then clean that also by making use of scrub brush. If there is any kind of stain or grease on the surface then use degreaser cleaner that can clean it effectively otherwise sealing doesn’t adhere properly. Also, apply water to entire pave and then wait for at least five minutes so that it can dry completely and get fit for sealing.

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