List of Important Questions You Must Ask While Hiring a Dog Walker

Posted by Helio482 - December 14, 2016

Regular exercise and movement of the dog keep it fit and healthy. For people who are unable to take their dog out for a walk, dog walker helps them accomplish the task. With so many dog walkers in the market, selecting the right one is a crucial task.

Asking a few logistical questions would help you learn more about their behaviour, working style, punctuality, experience, proficiency, etc.

Are you insured?

It is very important to look for a dog walker that is bonded and insured from a reputed company. This type of insurance offers protection to both dog walker and the owner. It provides effective coverage of third party liability, custody, care, and pet control in the sitter/walker care. Ask the dog walker to show the copy of the insurance policy and the terms of the contract.

Can you provide some references?

London is the city where you would find several pet owners. London dog walkers are the best way to keep your dog physically and mentally healthy and safe. To learn about the credibility of the dog owner, it is important to ask for a few references of existing clients or pet care professionals.

Before making a hiring decision, you must call these references and learn about the candidature of the dog walker.

What Techniques Would You Adopt To Deal with Rash Behaviour of Dog

Sometimes dogs can behave in a bad or rough way. They can become aggressive all of a sudden, bark at other dogs on the road, jump up, indulge in bullying, etc. Dog walkers are provided with extensive training to handle dog under such circumstances effectively.

Learning about the training methods they would use to control down the dog, will determine their skills and expertise. London dog walkers are assertive and calm towards the dog and pay attention to their behaviour and body language.

The right selection of a dog walker keeps it in the best health. This questionnaire would definitely help you better access prospective candidates and select the right one for your pet.

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