Know All About Accelerated Pilot Training

Posted by Helio482 - January 28, 2017

One of the most rewarding careers of present times it that of airplane pilot. And as any other rewarding career, it does require, depending on the pilot’s goals, more or less work and money. Dedication is a must when it comes to the pilot career, regardless of level.

Depending on free time, there are two types of programs from which a person can choose: An accelerated pilot training program, or a normal one. The accelerated one is, as the name implies, a lot faster. It is also much more demanding, both on the student’s time and ability to absorb new information. The normal one means that the student will be able to schedule his flight lessons whenever he wants or has time. While the latter is better for college students or for people who have a full-time job, the former is the heavy dose which some people may need in order to get ahead of the competition.

On average, an accelerated pilot training program can take 14 days for those who want a private pilot license, and between 55 and 70 weeks for those who want a commercial pilot license. In regard to the number of flight-hours required for earning a license, an aspiring private pilot must have at least 40, while a commercial one will require at least 250. A commercial pilot will also be required to learn much more than a private one, when it comes to the functioning of an airplane, as a result of the fact that he will have to be responsible for somebody other than himself

It is important to note the fact that an accelerated program compresses a lot of information and a large number of skills which have to be learned. A student will have to develop new reflexes, learn the plane’s systems, learn how to interpret information regarding the weather and a current flight and gain a complex understanding of aerodynamics. The sheer volume of information may often discourage students, not to speak of the number of hours spent actually learning to use all the systems of a plane. While a normal program is reasonably moderate as far as difficulty goes, only the most dedicated students and pilots should try the accelerated pilot training program. The accelerated program is fast and overwhelming to some, but it will push you ahead of the game if you’re looking to get into the industry as fast as humanly possible.

Again, this is a rewarding career. Those who earn their private pilot license, will discover a freedom like nothing before, and will quite literally be able to soar the skies and go where they please, without having to worry about blocked roads or heavy traffic. The graduate commercial pilots will have no difficulty in finding a job and will discover that working for a company has many perks. They will be able to fly around the world, meet new people and see new places. Nothing good ever comes easy, and this is a very good career.

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